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post 06-Июл-14 21:02

Эх жаль,думал как и в minecraft можно будет поиграть.
А не подскажешь,если конечно в курсе ,сколько там нужно платить в укр.гривнах.?


post 06-Июл-14 23:32 (спустя 2 часа 29 минут)

Ц durik1122 писал(а):

А не подскажешь,если конечно в курсе ,сколько там нужно платить в укр.гривнах.?
Берем на сегодняшний день курс: 1 укр. гр. ~ 3 руб. => (стд. издание) 800 руб. / 3 ~ 267 гр.

post 09-Июл-14 19:11 (спустя 2 дня 19 часов)

Топик был перенесен из форума TPS (3rd Person) в форум TPS (3rd Person)

Причина переноса: Из новинок


post 22-Июл-14 01:13 (спустя 15 дней)

Так и не взломали? Уже и патч вышел:
Скрытый текст


From the team:

The first major PC Patch is finally upon us! We debated getting some quick fixes out right away vs trying to get the PC up to parity with Xbox platforms with regards to features, playlists, game modes and decided to go for the latter. So, thank you all very much for your patience while we put this together! We hope it was worth the wait.

Justin Wiebe, Creative Director Twitter: @JA_Wiebe


New Features: · Added Push to talk for VOIP as well as a Mic Off feature – sorry about that everyone! We’re still scratching our heads to figure out how we missed this… · Added VOIP Audio slider to adjust volume of VOIP chat · Added New Game Mode – Vanquish Confirmed! · Added New Playlist – Mixed Mode 8v8 which now contains all game modes. · Added in-game callout for Origin Friend locations (green text and appears anywhere in the world) to help you find each other to play together. · Enhancements to cheat detection systems & better support to assist FairFight in locating and banning players using cheats. · Added an Invite Friend button located in the pause menu in Multiplayer games.

Bug Fixes: · Fixed several stability issues/crashes. · Fixed inability to select other users in leaderboard with mouse. · Fixed inability to mouse over sticker packs when cancelling a coin purchase at Garden Ops End of Round. · Fixed CPU/GPU spike when shooting on crossfire video cards. · Fixed gesture selection bar when switching from mouse to controller. · Fixed loss of input when cancelling a pop-up with the controller in the Garden Ops Lobby. · Fixed crash closing Coin Purchase Pop-Up. · Black screen that sometimes appears at end of round has been fixed. · Character select screen had some specific audio missing. · # of revives was not accurately displaying the correct number of revives at the end of round. · Removed ability to change greyed out selections that should not have been selectable in options menu. · Scroll wheel now properly scrolls selection in gestures menu.

Gameplay Tuning: · Berry Shooter - The explosion blast radius and damage have both been reduced. We’ve also adjusted the size of the explosion VFX to better match its effective range. With these changes, the Berry Pea is still a strong splash-based character, but more precise aiming will be required.


post 22-Июл-14 18:11 (спустя 16 часов)

Haoose, вроде Origin не че не обновлял! :shock:


post 27-Июл-14 14:02 (спустя 4 дня)

где скачать патч?


post 06-Авг-14 23:37 (спустя 10 дней)

какая яркая!! качаю :mrgreen:


post 05-Сен-14 17:27 (спустя 29 дней)

где купить игру?


post 05-Сен-14 18:13 (спустя 46 минут)

Ц ИванИванов писал(а):

где купить игру?
Origin, и пр. Online-магазины!


post 03-Авг-15 15:16 (спустя 10 месяцев)

Вторую часть на PC не портнули, за то запилили шутер, я посмотрел геймплей - кроме красочной графики ничего интересного не увидел, как это можно было создать вообще, надо быть реально шизанутым


post 03-Авг-15 20:27 (спустя 5 часов)

Ц mr.Shrinkin писал(а):

Вторую часть на PC не портнули
:shock: тогда это что?!

Blood Crow

post 06-Авг-15 23:43 (спустя 3 дня)

Fisher он наверное имел ввиду про: http://img.rustorka.top/forum/viewtopic.php?t=162854 :)

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